Monday, April 28, 2008

Make the call

"90% of Life is Showing Up"

This saying is most often attributed to Woody Allen.
I find it to be true. Sissie here, reporting on the initial phone call.

To get this egg donation started---we had to take the first step. We have talked about it for years----seriously, I think we first contemplated the egg donation 10 years ago? right?

Well here I am ready to donate, I've called the fertility clinic --I picked up the phone and said,
"Um....I want to give my eggs..I mean like my know my eggs, to my sister.....she lives far away, what do I need to do?"

The very nice receptionist, who talks to people everyday who are in the throws of this strange world of making babies, asked me,
"Who is in charge of your cycle?"

Did she mean the moon or God or maybe me? But I don't feel 'in charge' of my cycle---more at the whim of it actually.

I stuttered and she said the Dr. who will do the implantation will be in charge of my cycle.
Nice. I don't even know this man. He'll have control over my hormones.....creepy. But ultimately necessary.

Well, 90% done, good, I can cross that off my list.

Something tells me, in this case the last 10% is the really important part.

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