Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shake It!!!!

Sung to the tune of
the Steeley Dan song that inspired our blog name (different spelling):

Perhaps I'll figure out how to have the song play while you read the blog----but that could take a bit as I am on a huge learning curve here!

Oh, by the way--this is Sissie here, the "donator".
And this the first post of our blog so I feel compelled to give a bit of background:
I am the younger sister, 10 years younger. I can really only speak to my side of the story-- you'll have to get Nonie's side from her. For more then 10 years Nonie has wanted to have a baby---and from the get-go I have offered my eggs. Now, this year, we are going to do the ... what do you call "it"?
The transfer?
The donation?
The harvest and implantation?
All of that sounds so cold and clinical.
What we are doing, (what I am doing) is more personal.
You know that saying, "Shake what your mama gave you!" ?
Well ----that is what I am doing----Mama gave me good eggs and I am going to "shake 'em".
Nonie has the heart of Mother Theresa.
No kidding, one time she went to write a check at the store and a sugar ant crawled out of her check book. She caught the ant and carefully brought it home to be with all the other ants that had chosen her home as theirs.
So with Nonie's heart and my eggs we are going to shake it up ----the old switcharoo.
We are going to call this The Shake!
Babble-On Sisters, Shake IT!!!!!!!

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