Monday, May 12, 2008

The Big Wait

Oh, how to enjoy waiting?
My list of waits:
1. Waiting to hear the results of my blood work up
2. Waiting to hear the Doc say something, anything about my stinkin' ovaries and their woefully inefficient egg production
3. Waiting to hear from Nonie (who is working her buns off, 12 hour shifts)
4. Waiting to plan, to know, to take the next step

So much of life is waiting. I tell my kids, you really ought to learn to enjoy waiting. Well, I really ought to take my own smarmy advice.
Enjoy the waiting, enjoy the anticipation. Right now, without the expert opinions, all things are possible. Eight is enough eggs, and the timing will be perfect and by some miracle one attempt at harvest, fertilization and implantation will "take" and Nonie will be pregnant. And then the real miracle can unfold. Is it too much to hope for these things?
Perhaps I shouldn't read so many fertility blogs. There are so many stories of multiple attempts and failures. Also amazing stories of success and beautiful babies being born. Still, the waiting.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm sending my most powerful fertility mojo your way.

Frank said...

Did you talk to Ronnie's cousin, Randi, at the conference? She, too, has been valiantly trying to get preggers. She's at

Thanks for your comemts on my conference post. See ya!

Zenmomma said...

I'm with Mrs. G. All of my best fertility intentions are heading your way. C'mon little eggies!