Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

"Eight is not great"

But it's not impossible.

(I know the photo only has 7 eggs in it-- but that was all I had in my fridge this morning:)

Sissie here: I went into my first appointment joyful, excited, even expectant. I left fighting a growing sense of disappointment. The PA who did the trans vaginal ultrasound could not hide her discouraging tone.
"I 'only' see 5 follicles on this ovary, and
'only' 3 on the other"
How many eggs do we need?
Apparently the more the better, although the kind woman would not even venture to tell me what the 'norm' was, or how many eggs they 'like' to see on an ovary!
I was, within moments of leaving the office, able to shake all that practical, rational and somewhat realistic negativity and come back to my normal baseline mood. Which is to say I came back into my mania. I have nothing but confidence in my eggs. I have no doubts-- I am full of faith in this process I cannot see and shockingly, know very little about.

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